about the service


Service MKN – system search and evaluation of the music clips according to your mood!

Find your mood in SAMAL!


POSITIVE, GROWTH – the basis of the mood.

Use the “MKNN Range” Filter:

set the limits of the desired clips on the mood – how positive or sad do you want from the video

  • The MKNN index = 1 – these are quite sad clips
  • The MKNN index = 9 – very positive clips

Rate the clip: from Sadness to Positive – from 1 to 9 stars. Say your opinion about the mood of the clip.

Register now. ADD music videos that you listen to on the network on any video hosting.

While listening – determine what the general mood of the clip.

Then share the clip by adding a link to your publication on mknnlab.com.

Instructions for publication of links(registered users only):

  • get a link to the clip – right click on the video clip image, select “Copy link address” or “Copy link URL” in the appeared menu.
  • Paste in the publication field “Publication content”
  • Copy and paste the original clip name in the “Title”

So the service will be replenished with new clips, which will have their own rating on the mood.

IMPORTANT! Requirements for publications (all publications are moderated until the author scores points for user approvals):

  1. One clip – one piece of music
  2. The clip should illustrate one specific (!) Finished musical composition (not an excerpt and not a mix of works)
  3. Prohibition of clips with erotic and pornography, with an open demonstration of intimate parts of the body.
  4. The ban on clips with scenes of outright violence and cruelty
  5. Prohibition of clips with an insult to national, religious feelings, or with insults against an individual or groups of people on some basis: religious, ethnic, sexual, physical, age, etc.
  6. Prohibition to put a title on the video that does not correspond to its content. This includes fraud, impersonating another person and creating fakes
  7. Prohibition to post promotional clips